3 different looks with the plant hanger from BY DYB

The possibilities are many when choosing which pot you want to use for your BY DYB plant hanger. Therefore, it can be very difficult to choose. We have made a small inspiration guide with three suggestions. For us, it is important that you can be creative and put on your own touch when choosing which pot and plant you want to use for PLANTEOPHÆNGET.

PLANTEOPHÆNGET small from BY DYB has a hole size of Ø10cm in diameter, and the large has a hole size of Ø13cm in diameter.

#1 The stylish

Flowerpot from HAY, is a minimalist and stylish pot. The pot is made of polystone material and has a light concrete look. Even though a saucer is included when buying a Flowerpot from HAY, the pot does not have a hole at the bottom, which is a big advantage when the pot is going to hang on a wall. The pot is available both in gray and black. If you want to contrast BY DYB’s black gray plant suspension then choose the gray pot. On the other hand, if you want a more harmonious expression, choose the black pot. The pot is available in many different sizes, ranging from small to size XXXL.
Flowerpot size small has a size Ø11cm and a height of 10.5cm and therefore fits perfectly with PLANTEOPHÆNGET small.
Flowerpot size medium has a size Ø14cm and a height of 13.5cm and is therefore perfect for the PLANTEOPHÆNGET large.

On HAY’s website you can see where you can buy the pots:
HAY flowerpot

#2 The romantic

Blue Lacepot from B GREEN

Are you looking for a romantic look, the pots from B GREEN are really fine. They are softer in shape and have more ornaments. The pots are called Lacepot, made in clay and available in the colors black, blue and gray. In addition, they also come in a natural clay color, both with and without patina. Lacepot is available in many different sizes.
The size called Ø10cm x 10cm fits with PLANTEOPHÆNGET small.
The size Ø14cm x 14cm fits with PLANTEOPHÆNGET large.
The pots do not have a hole in the bottom and are therefore ideal for hanging on the wall.

On the B GREEN website you can see where they have resellers

#3 The rustic

Setup with two plant hangers with clay pots

Plant hanger with clay pot

The red clay pot is a bit of a classic with its rustic look. It’s a look that goes really well with, for example, cacti. The red clay pots can be found at most florists and garden centers. They can come in a great variety of sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits with the plant hanger.
The pots you see here in the pictures have a size Ø11cm and a height of 10cm for the small plant hanger and a size Ø15cm and a height of 13cm for the large plant hanger. Many different sizes will fit, depending on where on the pot you want it to rest on plant hanger. With different sizes you can decide how high the pot is to sit in the plant hanger.
It can be hard to find the classic red clay pot without a hole in the bottom. You can instead take the pot down from time to time and give the plant a water bath. If you have chosen to put a cactus in the pot, they do not need water often.

That was our three looks, we know that many others use different pots, see more inspiration on Instagram under #bydyb and share which pot you use with #bydyb

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