Candleholders for oil lamps

Candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere in the home. It is becoming increasingly popular to use oil lamps in candleholders instead of candles. But why use it instead of regular candles? It actually has many advantages compared to using candles. We have gathered some of the adventages; Here we give you  a quick walk through.

Easy cleanup

Who doesn’t know the problem with melted stearin dripping from candles, running over or splashing when the candle is blown out? Then you have to clean up the stearin and risk damaging the candleholder. This can be avoided by using oil lamps in  instead. They are easy to use and do not drip or make a mess. This way you are spared a lot of unnecessary cleanup and can spend the time cozying up by the candlelight.

Long burning period

Additionally, they are very practical, because they have a long burning period. They can have a burning period of 36 hours, whereas tealight candles only have a burning period of about 4 to 6 hours.

Candleholders for oil lamps – LYSESTAGEN from BY DYB in the pattern Line with an oil lamp with long burning time

LYSESTAGEN in Line (Large) after several hours of burning

You will not have to replace them as often compared to if you use candles. This will in the long run save you money. So both practical and money saving. What’s not to like about that?

Better indoor climate

It has been proven that candles can be bad for the indoor climate. This is because they release a lot of particles, that can be bad for your health. But if you cannot live without candlelight in your home, you can easily use an oil lamp instead. You don’t have to miss out on the cozy atmosphere from candlelight.

Candleholders for oil lamps – LYSESTAGEN from BY DYB in the patter Line with an oil lamp that gives you a better indoor climate

LYSESTAGEN in Line (Large) in a better indoor climate

They are great alternatives, because they release a lot fewer particles and are therefore better and healthier for the indoor climate. They are a better solution both for you, your pets, plants and other living things in your home.


Oil lamps are slightly boring, and they are not so decorative by themselves. However, they are neutral and therefore fit in well in every living room or at every table setting, no matter what interior style you have. Luckily, you can avoid the boring look, because they fit perfectly in the BY DYB Large candleholder, which is decorative and add a little coziness to every home.

Candleholders for oil lamps – LYSESTAGEN from BY DYB in the pattern Line, that is decorative for oil lamps

LYSESTAGEN in Line (Large), which is a decorative candleholder

During the design process of BY DYB’s Large LYSESTAGE, Sofie Dybdal discovered a need in the market. Many restaurants and cafés used oil lamps, but several mentioned that the candleholders that were available were not very decorative. Therefor, the design process had extra focus on creating a decorative alternative.

Candleholders for oil lamps – LYSESTAGEN from BY DYB in the pattern Clean, that fits with an oil lamp

LYSESTAGEN in Clean (Large)

The beautiful patterns in BY DYB LYSESTAGEN are inspired by rock formations seen on an inspiration trip in Ireland. The Hex and Line patterns are inspired by natural phenomena, whereas Square is inspired by man-made patterns found in characteristic houses in Ireland.


Now, we have presented you for some of the advantages. Here is a short recap.

Oil lamps are ideal to use because:

  • Easy cleanup – they are practical to use, since they don’t make a mess or drip like stearin does.
  • Long burning period – they do not have to be replaced as often as candles, because they have a longer burning period on 36 hours.
  • Better indoor climate – they do not release as many particles, as candles do, and are therefore far better for the indoor climate compared to regular candles.

Candleholders for oil lamps – LYSESTAGEN from BY DYB in the pattern Line, where an oil lamp fits in

LYSESTAGEN in Line (Large)

LYSETSTAGEN in the size Large from BY DYB can fit a standard oil lamp. The standard size lamp can be bought in most supermarkets and hardware stores or here on the shop:

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