Flowerpot for planteophænget small

It’s a good idea to have a flowerpot without a hole in the bottom when you hang plantes on your wall. If you have plants where it’s necessary to water often it’s easiest to water the plants directly. If you have cacti in your flowerpots that doesn’t need a lot of water you can use flowerpots with a hole and just take down the pots when water is needed.

It’s now possible to flowerpots on the webshop. The flowerpots fits with planteophænget small. You can get some color in your home by choosing colorful flowers for your pots.

Green plants can create a clean look.

Light green plants can give a great contrast to the dark flowerpot.

Cacti is always one of our favorites. They are pretty and you dont have to do a lot to take care of them.

Shop flowerpots: Planteophæng

You can find more inspiration on how to pick flowerpots for the plant hanger here:  3 different looks with  the plant hanger from BY DYB