Gallerywall with wallshelves in 3 different ways

Tre store hylder fra BY DYB stylet med plantetryk billeder, stearinlys og planter

A gallerywall is an easy way to decorate a wall and brighten up a room. Create a different gallerywall with more depth by using wallshelves. We have gathered some inspiration and good tips to create and interesting gallerywall.

Gallerywall with pictureshelves

Use HYLDEN Large as a pictureshelf, and create a dynamic gallerywall with life.

Shelves with frammed images

HYLDEN Large Hex, Square and Line as pictureshelf

Hang shelves in an organic formation and put pictures on them. Here, we have used pictures in an organic style with prints of plants. The pictures are in wooden frames, which add more life to the wall. If you want a calmer look you can for example use black frames instead. By using shelves for your gallerywall you can create more depth and add life to the wall. It is a good idea to mix other elements in your gallerywall for a more interesting look. You can for example use candles or small vases with plants or flowers, on the shelves.

Gallerywall in black and white

With a gallerywall in a black and white theme, you can create a stylish and classy look.

Shelves with black and white images on a wall

HYLDEN Small Clean, Hex and Square as part of a gallerywall

The smart thing about a gallerywall is that you can mix and match your favorite pictures. You can mix pictures in different sizes and different types of pictures. You can for example try to mix photographs, graphic pictures and paintings. Here, we have chosen a mix of pictures in black and white, which create a minimalistic and stylish look. The pictures are all in black frames, which create a harmonic expression.

Gallery wall with small sheles from BY DYB, pictures in black and white, shelves styled with candle, little vase and glass jellyfish
HYLDEN Small Clean, Hex and Square as part of a gallerywall

To add more life to your gallerywall, and make it a little cozier, you can add small shelves with candles or decorations. For a coherent look, make sure to use decorations which match the theme of your gallerywall. In this case we have used objects in black, white and gray tones.

Gallerywall with plant theme

Create an artistic and cool look with a gallerywall with a plant theme.

Plant images with shelves

HYLDEN Hex (Large and Small) and PLANTEOPHÆNGET Line as part of a Gallerywall

Obtain a botanical style with a mix of pictures of different plants and leaves. This creates a cool and interesting look, which adds life to the wall. On this gallerywall pictures in different sizes are placed asymmetrically, which creates a messier and more chaotic look. An artistic chaos is also created by using different types of frames for the pictures. A good advice for making a coherent gallerywall is to have recurrent colors.

Gallerywall with plant theme, pictures of cacti and monstera leaf, BY DYB planthanger with large cactus and shelves with small cacti

HYLDEN Hex (Large and Small) and PLANTEOPHÆNGET Line as part of a Gallerywall

For a gallerywall in a botanical style it is ideal to mix the pictures with green plants. Cacti fit in perfectly with the theme, and you can for example, as here, place them on shelves or in a plant hanger.

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