How to hang BY DYB KNAGEN

One wall hook with squarepattern and included screws and rawlplugs

It is very easy to hang KNAGEN, even if you are the less handy type. Just follow this simple guide, then you will have beautiful wall hooks on your walls in no time.

When you purchase KNAGEN, two screws and two rawlplugs will be included. Be aware of what kind of wall you intend to hang your wall hook on. The enclosed rawlplugs are for brick- and concrete walls. If you intend to hang your wall hook on other types of walls, like plaster wall, you will need to get special rawlplugs for that. You can purchase rawlplugs at any hardware store.

Tools for hanging wall hook: spirit level, pencil, drill, screwdriver.

All you need to hang KNAGEN is:
– Spirit level
– Pencil
– Drill
– Screwdriver

The hardest thing about hanging the wall hooks is deciding where to hang them. Find inspiration on how to decorate with KNAGEN. Find inspiration on how to decorate with KNAGEN.

BY DYB wall hook is held up against a spirit level

When you have decided where you want to hang KNAGEN, you can start hanging it. Hold the wall hook up to the wall, where you want it to hang. Hold a spirit level up against it, to ensure it is leveled.

The holes for the wall hook are marked with a pencil

Using a pencil, mark, in the holes for the screws, where you will be drilling. The different patterns of the wall hooks are designed to ensure easy access of pencil and screwdriver.

BY DYB wall hook is hung using screwdriver

Remove the wall hook and drill in the marked spots. Insert rawlplugs. Hold KNAGEN up against the holes and insert screws, using the screwdriver. Make sure to tighten the screws as much as possible.

Hung wall hook with square pattern

The wall hook is now ready for use.

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