Interior decorating with a small shelf

You can create many nice looks with a small shelf from BY DYB. When you decorate with HYLDEN from BY DYB, there are many possibilities. The shelves can be combined and put together in beautiful setups, but because HYLDEN is so decorative by itself it can also look good to decorate with just one small shelf. We have gathered a bit of inspiration on how to decorate with a small shelf.

Feminine decoration

Using just a few elements, you can create a beautiful and feminine decoration.

Small shelf with flower and picture

HYLDEN Small Clean with a pretty flower

A small shelf is here styled with a beautiful flower and a pretty picture on the wall. The feminine look is easily obtained by using light colors, like here where we have used shades of very light pink. Be creative and use for example a pretty bottle instead of a vase, for the flower, it gives a very nice result. HYLDEN Small Clean fits very well in the feminine look, because the dark color is a good contrast to light colors. The shelf also adds balance to the expression.

In the bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, a small shelf can be a good idea for stylish storage.

Small shelf with makeup brushes

HYLDEN Small Hex in the bathroom

A small shelf will look very decorative on the wall of the bathroom. With the shelf you can create a stylish and elegant look, which can also be used for practical storage. You can for example use the shelf to store make-up brushes or your toothbrush or use it to show off your favorite perfume – the possibilities are endless. Choose your favorite pattern, or the one that goes with your style. Here, we have used Hex, it adds life and dynamic to the wall.

In the hallway

Do you need a special spot for you keys, so you do not lose them? A small shelf in the hallway can be very practical for all the little things you never know where to put, such as keys.

Small shelf with keys in hallway

HYLDEN Small Line in the hallway

With a small shelf in the hallway you can create a special spot for your keys, headphones or other little things, so you can always find them again. It is not only practical, but it also looks very decorative in the hallway. If you want to create a more inviting hallway, you can combine multiple small shelves and style them with pretty flowers or other decorations.

There are many possibilities for decorating with a small shelf, only your imagination sets the limit. It can also look very good to combine four small shelves. Find inspiration here