Shelves for the bathroom

You can use shelves for your bathroom to create an elegant storage solution. BY DYB HYLDEN can be combined in multiple ways, so here is a bit of inspiration on how to decorate with shelves in the bathroom.


With the stress of everyday life it is important to make room for a small break. Turn your bathroom into a homespa by using beautiful shelves.

Shelves in different sizes styled with skincare, bodyscrub, candles and plant

Create a spa atmosphere at home

Shelves in different sizes styled with skincare, bodyscrub, candles and plant seen from the side

Cozy spa atmosphere with a shelf setup for spa remedies 

You can easily create a cozy spa atmosphere in your own bathroom. Then you do not have to go very far to catch a break. Hang a beautiful setup of shelves in different sizes on your bathroom wall. Find inspiration for setups You can for example decorate the shelves with luxurious skincare products, bodyscrub, lotion, scented candles or tealights in beautiful candleholders. To complete the spa look, there is in this setup used a planthanger with a lovely green plant. The plant also contributes to a good indoor climate. Now all you have to do is light the candles, sit down in the bathtub filled with nice, warm water and foam, and enjoy the silence in your very own personal spa.

Decorative storage

In a bathroom you typically need to store different things, such as your toothbrush, skincare products and cosmetics. It can be a challenge to make the storage of these things look good. With an interesting setup of decorative shelves from BY DYB, you can incorporate the storage of skincare products and the like as a part of the interior decoration.

Bathroom decorated with shelves from BY DYB styled with scented candle, make-up brushes, toothbrush and Designletters cups

Setup of HYLDEN in different patterns

It is a good idea to use a scented candle as part of the styling, to create a cozier look to the bathroom. That way the room will also have a nice scent.

Elegance with small shelves

Even if you have a small bathroom it is possible to add a bit of elegance by using small shelves.

Small shelves from BY DYB styled with toothbrush and skincare

Simple and elegant look with small shelves

One or two HYLDEN small can do a lot for your interior decoration in your bathroom. The small shelves do not take up a lot of space, and they add an element of elegance to the interior decoration. You can for example place the small shelves by the sink, and store your toothbrush in a pretty glass. That way you will always have your toothbrush within reach, without compromising with stylish and elegant interior decoration. You can also use the decorative shelves to store your favorite skincare products and lotions. Mix and match the patterns so they fit in with your personal style.

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