Shelves for the hallway

Shelves are very useful to have in a hallway, because you often have a bunch of things, like keys, you never know where to put. Using shelves in your hallway can help you stay organized. The shelves also create a stylish and welcoming expression.

Everything you need

You can always have everything you need, when you’re leaving your home, at hand. This setup is both practical and beautiful.

Shelves for hallway from BY DYB styled with message board from design letters and plant

HYLDEN Large and Small styled with message board and plant

Create a beautiful setup with one large shelf and two small shelevs in an upside down ‘v’ formation. You can mix and match the patterns to your liking. In this setup we have styled HYLDEN Large line with a smart message board and a nice plant. The two small shelves are used as practical storage of sunglasses, wallet and keys. With the message board you can write little notes to yourself or your loved ones. You can for example write a list of things you need to remember.

Stylish and modern

You should not be cheated for having a nice and welcoming hallway, just because you do not have a lot of space. You do not necessarily need a big setup for it to look good, less can do the trick.

Small clean shelf and small hex shelf from BY DYB styled with green branches in a vase and earphones

HYLDEN Small Clean and HYLDEN Small Hex in the hallway

With a few small shelves, you can create a stylish and modern looks, without taking up a lot of space. You can complete the look with a pretty little plant or some beautiful flowers, it gives your hallway a fresh and modern look. You can use the shelves to store the items you need when you leave your home , such as earphones.


The BY DYB shelves are decorative by themselves and they fit in well in many different places because of their simple, minimalistic look. Do you have a small hallway, or do you simply prefer a minimalistic style, you can use two small shelves.

Shelves from BY DYB for the hallway, used as storage for keys and earphones

HYLDEN Small Clean og HYLDEN Small Line in the hallway

The minimalistic style is supported by the use of color. A small picture on the wall can be a good idea, to a little life and a breath of fresh air. The picture adds personality to your hallway. This picture is kept in few, soft colors and therefore it goes well with the minimalistic style. The shelves can be used to store the most necessary items, such as keys, earphones and the like. That way you have practical storage, which is also beautiful.

Stay organized

Are you the type of person who can never find your keys, because you never know where to put them? Or do you never know where to put your mail when you come in the door? Stay organized with shelves in the hallway.

Shelves from BY DYB for the hallway, used to organize keys, smartphone and mail

HYLDEN Large og Small and planthanger from BY DYB

With shelves in different sizes you can easily create a practical spot for all the things you never know where to put, when you come in the door. Do you for example have your arms full of mail or magazines, you can easily place them on the shelf. Create structure and stay organized by keeping your keys and phone on a small shelf, that way you always know where to find them. You can make your hallway more attractive and welcoming by using a plant hanger with your favorite plant hanger.

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