Shelves for the kitchen

Shelves are ideal to use in the kitchen, and can be used in many creative ways. We have gathered a bit of inspiration and ideas on how to use shelves in the kitchen, maybe in ways you would not have thought about.

Indoor herb garden

You do not necessarily need a big garden, to have fresh herbs for your cooking. With a creative use of shelves and plant hangers you can have an indoor herb garden, with tons of fresh herbs and dried spices, in no time.

Shelves for the kitchen, from BY DYB, with fresh herbs in plant hangers, spice grinders and spices

Indoor herb garden with HYLDEN og PLANTEOPHÆNGET

With a mix of shelves and plant hangers from BY DYB you can create you very own indoor herb garden. The plant hangers are used for pots full of fresh herbs. You can use everything from basil and parsley to mint and sage – only your imagination sets the limit. With a wall full of fresh herbs, you will always have a nice smelling kitchen, and who wouldn’t love that? At the same times plants and herbs are very decorative in the kitchen, and it adds life to the wall. You can use the shelves for all your favorite spices in pretty glass containers or spice grinders. Now you’re ready to cook delicious food with tons of flavor.

DIY coffeebar

Who does not dream about having their own, personal coffeebar? You can easily create it in your own kitchen. It is not as hard as it sounds.

Shelves for the kitchen from BY DYB with coffeecups from Royal Copenhagen, coffee press and coffee beans

DIY Coffeebar with HYLDEN Large

Create your very own coffeebar at home by hanging a beautiful setup of HYLDEN from BY DYB. You can style the shelves with your favorite mugs, a nice coffee pot, a milk frother, coffee beans or powder in a beautiful container, a bowl of sugar and interesting sirups – everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. It is that easy. Now you’re ready to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Storage of kitchen ware

An obvious option for incorporating shelves in your kitchen, is for general storage of different kitchen ware.

Shelves for the kitchen from BY DYB used as storage for kitchenware

HYLDEN for storage of kitchenware

There is used a mix between plant hangers and shelves in different sizes for this setup, which creates a very nice dynamic. Besides being really decorative on the kitchen wall, this setup is super practical because you have easy access to kitchen ware. On the shelves you can store cutting board, spices and oil, but you can also use them for a lot of other things. One of the plant hangers in this setup is used for a fresh herb, which aside from being delicious in food, is decorative on the wall. For a different and creative approach you can use a plant hanger to store kitchen utensils, like spoons and spatulas.

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