Shelves for the living room

Shelves can be used in many different ways in a living room. They can help add a cozy and homey atmosphere. Get inspired to decorate with BY DYB shelves in your living room.

Shelves over the TV

A lot of people have difficulty figuring out what to hang over their TV. Shelves can be a good solution for that problem.

Decorate your living room with five small shelves over your TV

5 small shelves are very deocrative over a TV

If you hang a painting or poster over your TV, it can easily end up looking boxed and flat. By hanging a setup of 5 small shelves over the TV, you can create gathering and life. You can mix and match the patterns to get a dynamic look. The shelves can be decorated with small plants and candleholders, or your favorite decorations.


BY DYB HYLDEN is decorative in itself, and it is therefore ideal to brighten up the living room.

Decorate your living room with beautiful shelves, decorate with cactus, wooden sculpture and branches in a vase

You can style HYLDEN with beautiful decorations

Knick-knacks and other decorations add a touch of personality to your interior decoration. With the shelves from BY DYB you can easily express your personality, because they fit in with many different styles of interior decorating. Hang the shelves in a nice setup after your liking. Choose a few of your favorite decorations, candleholders or vases and use them to style the shelves. You can also decorate with plants, branches or flowers.


Create a homey but sofisticated look by decorating with books. Books say a lot about your personality, and are therefore good to use in your interior decorations.

Shelves for the living room from BY DYB decorated with books, plant and Kay Bojesen monkey

Create a sophisticated look with books

Books can be used to style with in many different ways. You can either choose books that you think are pretty and decorative, books about things you find interesting or your favorite novels. No matter what you choose, you will express your personality through your choice. Keep the books on the shelves for a sophisticated look. Add even more personality and a homey feel by decorating with plants or pretty decorations.


Shelves can be used to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

HYLDEN Large Clean from BY DYB decorated with flowers in a glass vase, candleholder from BY DYB and postcard

Decorate the shelf with candles for a cozy atmosphere

Use HYLDEN Large Clean for a simple and minimalistic expression. The shelf is decorated with beautiful flowers and a candle in a decorative candleholder, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In this styling there is used a decorative postcard to add a little edge and personality.

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