Candle holders with different patterns. Large candle holder from BY DYB in line pattern.

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Candle holders

Lysestagen Small Line


Candle holders

Lysestagen Large Line

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Candle holders


8,5 x 8,5 x 8,5 cm


12 x 12 x 12 cm


LYSESTAGEN is a series of beautiful and decorative candle holders from BY DYB designed by Danish architect Sofie Dybdal. During the design process, Sofie Dybdal been inspired by different rock formations in Ireland. Photographs from the inspiration journey can be found at: About by dyb

When darkness falls the different patterns in candle holders create an exciting shadow effect in the room.


The small candle holder is designed for standard tea lights. The large candle holder can be used for large and small tea lights or a standard oil lamp. Place the desired light in the candle holder and use a long lighter to light the candle.


LYSESTAGEN is available in two sizes, three patterns and variation without pattern.


LYSESTAGEN small B: 8,5 H: 8,5 D: 8,5 cm
LYSESTAGEN large B: 12 H: 12 D: 12 cm
Produced in powder coated steel
Intended for indoor use