Two shelves. Large and small shelf from BY DYB in square pattern.

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W: 27,5 H: 10,0 D: 11,3 cm
Shelf space width 11 cm


W: 54,5 H: 14,5 D: 17,3 cm
Shelf space width 30 cm


HYLDEN is a series of beautiful decorative shelves from BY DYB designed by Danish architect Sofie Dybdal. During the design process, Sofie Dybdal been inspired by different rock formations in Ireland. Photographs from the inspiration journey can be found at: About by dyb


The shelves can be used in different rooms such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway. The series consists of large and small shelves. The large and small shelves are designed so they can be combined. You can achieve a unique and personal expression when combining the shelves. The shelves are also designed so it can be combined with PLANTEOPHÆNGET. The combination of shelves and plant hangers can provide a different and interesting wall. See more about different combinations here: INSPIRATION FOR DECORATING WITH SHELVES AND PLANT HANGERS


HYLDEN is available in two sizes, three patterns and variation without pattern.


Produced in powder coated steel
Intended for indoor use
Screws and plugs included