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Wall hooks


KNAGEN is a series of decorative wall hooks, which are functional without compromising the design. The wall hooks are designed so that the beautiful patterns are always visible, even when the wall hook is in use. The beautiful patterns make the wall hooks sculptural with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism. KNAGEN from BY DYB is designed by the Danish architect Sofie Dybdal. The patterns are inspired by different rock formations in Ireland. Read more about the inspiration and see pictures of the rock formations here: About by dyb


The beautiful wall hooks will be decorative in many different rooms. They are ideal to create an inviting entrance hall, but can also easily be used in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. When decorating with KNAGEN, the design invites to use creativity. The beautiful patterns can be mixed and matched in many different ways to create a unique and personal expression. Only your imagination sets the limits. The wall hooks can easily be combined to suit your needs. By combining the wall hooks you can create beautiful setups. The wall hooks can for example be placed in a straight line, in different heights or interesting formations. Find inspiration for decoration with KNAGEN.


KNAGEN is available in three different patterns: Hex, Line and Square.


Produced in powder coated steel
Intended for indoor use
Screws and plugs included


8,3 x 9,2 x 8,5 cm