Use a glass bowl as a vase

Kugle vase med blomster

Glass bowls can be a fantastic vase for your flowers. We have been to the local flower shop to get some some of the seasons flowers.

Pick flowers that compliment each other to create a beautiful bouquet.

Start by filling your glass bowl with water. You can make cleaning of the bowl easier by using purified water. You can use the water from your condensation dryer if you have one. Otherwise you can use vinegar to clean the bowl from calcium.

Put your flowers in the vase.

The end result is a beautiful bouquet on your wall.

Kuglevase til planteophæng

You can also use a darker glass bowl.

The dark bowl works well with darker flowers.

The final result with the dark glass bowl.

Glaskugle med blomsterbuket

The higer flowers are more spacious.

Glaskugle med markblomster

You can shop glass bowls for the plant hanger here: Plant hangers